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Grow an epic beard

Cultivating a fine field of facial follicles is something every man should aspire to – especially if it can save people’s lives.

You see more young Australians are killed by melanoma than any other cancer. One of these people was our mate Wes, who lost his life at the age of 26. Because Wes’ melanoma was on his neck, and not many blokes had beards back then, we ditched our shavers to share Wes’ story with everyone who asked about our beards, and encourage them to have a skin check.

By joining us you can carry on Wes’ legacy and share the Beard Season message with thousands of people who could have a melanoma and not even know it, including you. So retire your razor and tuck away your trimmer. If we all grow together with the spirit of vikings, lumberjacks and sea captains deep within our chin roots, we can make Beard Season be everything it can lusciously be.

It’d be an honour to have you aboard.

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Share it with the world

Your Beard Season mission is to convince as many people as you can to have a skin check.

We’ve met so many people who’ve gone in to have a check and found things which could have been dangerous if not detected early. It’s actually mindblowing. So tell your family, friends, and everyone you care about. Even the randoms you meet along the way. Encourage them all to visit our website and book a skin check, then take a photo with them doing the textbook ‘Beard Season Point’ (check our blog for reference).

Upload these photos to instagram, twitter or facebook with the hashtag #BeardSeason.

There’ll be prizes, parties and challenges as winter goes on, so stay tuned (unless of course you are pioneering unseen lands beyond the realms of technology, wherein a charcoal sketch on a piece of rolled parchment in a cork sealed bottle or attached to the leg of a falcon will do just fine).

Oh and ladies… you’re a super important to Beard Season too.

If you have a man-friend please encourage their Beard Season exploits. It may be a little prickly at first but it will soon smooth out into a nice heavenly thicket (or so I’m told). The more confident your man is with his beard growing skills the better he will wear it.

If you’re single, encourage gentlemen sporting beards you may spot at the bar with a wink and a chilled scotch. Then harass him until he has a photo with you – which you will eagerly hashtag #BeardSeason. To make these photos extra awesome, tie your hair under your chin into what’s now known as the #BeardSeasonBob.

It’s all happening folks.

Grow on…